Printing Problems

Has this ever happened to you? You got into the shop in the morning and suddenly you were using Windows 10… and you didn’t even tell it to load. You’re not alone, and it probably changed some printer settings. Let’s fix that bad boy. This will be easy, but if you’d rather leave it to the professionals, you can give Support a call (1-800-929-1829, extension 3) or email us at

Here’s the DIY

Go down to the Start Button and start typing “printer.” As the image shows, you have more than one option. Choose the one with the gear icon that reads, “Printers & scanners.”

Once you click or tap that, you’ll see some choices on the left. You want to make sure “Printers & scanners” is selected. Then click the toggle switch under “Let Windows manage my default printer,” until it reads “Off.” If you have a lot of printers, you might have to scroll down to see this. When you close this window, you will have full control over which printer is your default.

Default Printer Nirvana

Go back to the Start Button and type “printer” again.
This time, choose the one with the printer icon that reads, “Devices and Printers.” find your favorite printer, right-click on it, and select “Set as default printer.”