Internship Program – Summer 2022 – Overview

August 19, 2022

Summer 2022 first development internship at ISoft Data Inc. has come to its end. We are very grateful for the time that interns dedicated to the company and wish them the best in their next endeavors. Two of the participants are starting their journey in higher education, three are entering their last year in high school, and the younger participants are rising juniors.

During the 10 week program the participants spent a total of 1,323 hours as a part of the team. Collectively they have completed 11 various projects and have contributed to many more. A more detailed list of individual and group projects can be found in previous posts.

Throughout the program interns were mentored by the team of professional developers. Intern group was presented with information on tools most commonly used in the position. Hands-on and experiential learning is the core of the program and it was incorporated through workshops, guest speaker participation, and professional events attendance.

Here is what the group shared about their experience with ISoft Data Systems.

Internship Program – Summer 2022 – Overview - Elsa

I liked being able to learn by being in the program, instead of just doing the same things. I loved learning WordPress and design.

– Elsa

On one hand learning a lot more about web development and node/npm in a way actual companies use them [was a valuable experience]. On another, though, was being able to work along other members of the team I could ask for help or just learn from their experience.

– Ray
Internship Program – Summer 2022 – Overview - Izak

I think the most valuable part of the internship program was was the experience and networking. It was great to work with everyone along with learning so much about how the process of launching a program/app and working together to finish a project.

– Izak
Internship Program – Summer 2022 – Overview - Ali

The most valuable part of the internship program is/was being able to apply the skills I have already learned into real world situations or situations within the workplace.

– Ali

As a result, two participants were invited to join ISoft as full time/ part time employees. That led to Izak Kriegbaum becoming a junior developer and he is thrilled to continue on. He will be finishing and supporting the projects his peers worked on this summer.

As a company and a team we saw a great deal of benefits from the experience, therefore we are motivated to continue the practice into the next year. We welcome participants of this summer to join us next summer. As well as eager to see new faces and discover new talents, so we can have even more partnerships and provide a valuable experience to even more students.

See you next summmer!