Internship Program – Summer 2022 – Week 10

August 12, 2022

This was the last week the remaining interns spent at ISoft Data Inc.  


Since the dashboard has been able to run in the sales lounge, there are now more spaces within the office that are in need of this implementation. Ali has been working to automate the Python script on the to run at startup as well as reset on failure.

Internship Program - Summer 2022 - Week 10

Izak has been working on a lunch app since almost the beginning of the internship. The app will help make ordering lunch everyday simpler for everyone. Right now he has been busy making sure the weekly menu is displayed and that the menu is able to be changed as needed.

Customer Visit

On Wednesday the interns got the chance to tour Vander Haag’s, a company that uses ITrack Enterprise software. They were able to see how ITrack was used in an everyday setting at the customer site. The group was able to see the different stations that go into taking apart or putting together trucks and inventorying the parts. It was a good experience to see the software in action and get a different perspective of ITrack. 

ISoft Interns at Vander Haag's - Internship Program - Summer 2022 - Week 10
ISoft interns at Vander Haag’s
Internship Program - Summer 2022 - Week 10 - Emily E. talking about Enterprise

I feel visiting a client who uses an ITrack product is beneficial to our employees because you get to see our software in real time. Not all of us come from a heavy truck part background and sometimes the “what we do here at ISoft ” overview isn’t enough to fully grasp the actual day to day ins and outs of our customers, their yards, and the products we provide to them. I feel confident in saying that our employees also gain a sense of pride in themselves and in ISoft as a whole during a customer yard visit.

– Emily Epperson

It was cool to see how all of the items in Vander Haag’s inventory could be put into the software from anywhere, and how that makes it easier to sort and find different items. Just like in other industries, every part and substance could be used somewhere.

– Van Knezevic

I loved going to Vander Haag’s. It gave me a chance to see what the customer’s side looks like. I learned how Vander Haags and companies did business and what their day to day looks like as well as how our software impacts that process.

– Elsa Meyer

I really liked the visit. A theme with our visits seems to be showing how programs are necessary in all fields, even ones that don’t seem to be very technologically advanced. The people there in general were very friendly and helped answer all of my questions.

– Izak Kriegbaum

The visit was very engaging and informative. It was interesting to see the different stages of taking apart a truck and then having to inventory the salvageable parts. One of the things that surprised me the most was learning that even the liquids that come out of salvaging a truck is reusable. It was also interesting to see that the salvage industry is an environmentally conscious field due to the fact that they reuse every single part even if it isn’t resalable.

– Ali Johnson

Last Day

For their last day lunch they were able to choose what was catered, which was Raising Cane’s. There was delicious chicken, fries, bread, sauce for the main course, and beverages with brownies for dessert. At the event interns talked about their experience, received certificates of program completion with posters to commemorate the experience.

Company eating Raising Cane's
ISoft employees at lunch in Resonator galery