Internship Program – Summer 2022 – Week 4

June 28, 2022

It has been another eventful week at ISoft Data Systems and we are excited to see more projects in action! This week the group had a chance to speak with the CEO and Founder of Bumper, application built for teen investing, Luke Moberly, and learn about transitioning from ideas to action and importance and benefits of networking. At the end of the week, Stacy Grant, one of the coordinators of 1st Job Lincoln program, visited interns to discuss their results and professional development, and was pleased to see enthusiastic and hardworking group.

LED Display

Van has started working on and LED lights display that will brighten the Faraday conference room on the second floor of Turbine Flats. This project has been waiting for the suitable implementer since the conference room was designed a few years ago. Individual lights will act as pixels and enable the user to present desired running text line or images. The brightness and display will be controlled by the custom programmed Raspberry Pi. So far Van has worked on researching best implementation strategy and various calculations.

Dashboard Creation Workshop

Additionally, this week stage two for previously discussed dashboard display project has been launched. Charles, the Software Developer, showcased the development of dashboard display project as a feature for ITrack Chromium that he has worked on in the past year. Together they found a way to implement existing code as a base for the new project and each intern was assigned a chart to recreate.

OctoPrint and Raspberry Pi

As a continuation of the experiments with Raspberry Pi, in collaboration with Robert, Software Developer, Saket was able to set up a camera that would monitor 3D printing process. With the programmed Pi the user is now able to send a new job to the printer from various locations and view the progress. They are currently adding a display screen that would increase ease of use. The final product is a great addition to the Maker Space at the Turbine Flats and is very appreciated by the frequent printer users.