Internship Program – Summer 2022 – Week 7

July 19, 2022

This week the intern group got a valuable opportunity to attend a three day annual Nebraska.Code() conference at Marriott Cornhusker Conference Center. In the morning they welcomed other attendees, helped them get checked in, gave out some swag, and answered a variety of questions.

Later in the day they attended key note speaker presentation , specialized workshops, and most diverse and cutting-edge software development content sessions. Lunch time was spent over delicious meal with the ISoft team and the best local, national, and international presenters!

Internship Program – Summer 2022 – Week 7 - Nebraska.Code()

What did the interns think about the experience?

Internship Program - Scholar Interview

“I liked learning a lot about different aspects of the world of programming, along with learning a lot about security from the application developers perspective. A good thing to have a idea of to be able to understand that side of cyber security.”

– Jacob Axelson
Internship Program - Scholar Interview

“I enjoyed being able to meet so many other people in similar fields, and getting to see presentations on topics that interested me. My favorites were about web design, artificial intelligence, and team/project management. I had never been to any kind of tech conference before, but it was good to see a physical community of people who would usually only communicate digitally. Conferences like these are a good way to see what others in this area are thinking or talking about.”

– Van Knezevic
Internship Program - Scholar Interview

“I enjoyed that there was a variety of sessions to choose to go to. I learned about data visualization, mistakes in hacking the soviets, and about mental health in the workplace. I thought the importance of the event was to be in a different type of learning environment and to learn things that you typically wouldn’t in school.”

– Ali Johnson
Internship Program - Scholar Interview

“I enjoyed learning about novel areas in the space of computer science, such as artificial intelligence, and learning about some of the work computer scientists encounter on a daily basis. I learned about many different topics, such as how artificial intelligence can be used for optimization and how to create mobile apps. I think the conference was important for learning about higher-level concepts high school students don’t normally encounter, such as how computer scientists use agile workflow techniques.”

– Saket Reddy

It was a great way to wrap up the week, learn about the opportunities and abilities provided by the coding industry, get educated on the latest trends in the workplaces, get engaged in a new environment, network, and just have fun!

Internship Program – Summer 2022 – Week 7 - Nebraska.Code()