Rotate Your Photos Correctly for ITrack

You took your pictures. You loaded them on your computer. You put them in ITrack. They looked like this.


You look at it in Windows and it looks just fine. You shake your fist. You get another cup of coffee. You open the picture and rotate it. You put the rotated picture in ITrack. Now it’s turned the otherway! (@#$&%!) It’s not you. It’s Windows.

Windows is trying to help you by rotating photos in the viewer. If you open the photo in any photo editor (even Paint) and save it, the photo will be set right automatically — easy! But it’s aggravating to change these as you find them. There’s a good way to tell which of these little buggers is going to “turn” on you.

Fix It


Go to the folder with your images and click on the View tab. Select Details and then click the Add Columns button. If Orientation isn’t on the list, click Choose columns… The list is in alphabetical order, so scroll down to find Orientation, then click OK.


Now you can see which of your photos is rotated. Open it in a photo editor, save it, and close it. It is safe to add your pictures to ITrack.