Searching and Printing Tags

Tagging your stock helps you organize and keep track of what you have in the yard. You could spend hours printing tags one-by-one, or you can let ITrack do the heavy lifting for you. The Inventory Search tab on the Search Screen lets you search for parts and print their tags all in one shot.

The Search Screen

The Search Screen can help you find anything, and you can make your search as narrow or broad as you like. Part Type, Year, Make, Model, even Interchange number are great searches for a big tagging project, but Location might be the best choice if you’re reorganizing your shelves.

Printing the Tags

Once you have your search results on the screen, you’ll be ready to print your tags. ITrack keeps track of which tags have been printed, so you don’t have to think too hard about what’s already tagged. Anything in the search results with a check mark in the Tag column will automatically print if you click the dropdown arrow by the Print button and select Tags. And don’t worry. You can check and uncheck these boxes if your printer ate the last batch of tags you tried to print.
Watch the tag printing tutorial