Using eBay Templates to Improve Search Results

You already know how to competitively price your parts, so let’s talk about grooming your title. Let’s say you’re a customer looking for a used Kawasaki Caliper on eBay. Your first instinct will be to type in “kawasaki used caliper.” This is what you get when you do.

eBay Search Results

Notice what floats to the top of the search is the lowest priced part that has the keywords “Kawasaki” and “Caliper” in the title. The second one on the list also has a badge, “Top Rated Plus,” indicating that eBay store has consistently high ratings with customers.

High-ranking eBay Listing

Let’s get back to the customer who needs the caliper. Most people don’t take the time to go through pages of listings (there are over 17,000 results for this search). They skim the search results, looking for something that looks like a deal and meets their needs. When they find that deal, they click on the page with the other images, and make a bid or buy it outright. Your title, price, and images are your best tools for selling your parts on eBay.

What’s a Good Title?

The titles that rose to the top of the search were simple and informative. Titles can only be up to 80 characters, so get to the point right away. “06 Kawasaki ZX6R ZX 636 USED Front Left Right Brake Caliper Line 4 Piston Tokico,” has the Year, Make, Model, and Description of the part. You don’t have all day to craft the perfect title for each part you list, so ITrack has a template to speed up the process. This template even puts your listings in the right eBay category, based on the ITrack part type.

ITrack’s eBay Template

ITrack eBay Screen

On the left, click “eBay.” You’ll find templates on the “Advanced Config” tab. You can make a template for any part type. Click “Add…” at the bottom left, and it will open the “Advanced Config Edit” dialog box. Part Type is a required field, and tied to the eBay categories you need for a successful listing. In the example above, there was only a title, so adding these “tags” would be just fine.

{?Year} {?Make} {?Model} {?Description}

What’s a tag?

A tag is the name of the field that contains your part information. The template knows to search for the part’s information when you enclose it in curly brackets {} and put a question mark ? in front of the field name. We have a glossary of these tags. Click the “Tag Help” button for the list. Remember these tags might change with the part type you list. {?Make} is not the same as {?Manufacturer}, so check the list to make sure you’re using the right tag. You can always call support (1-800-929-1829, extension 3) if you get stumped.