UTF-8 Error

You have an item you’re rushing to get on eBay, and you get some crazy message about utf-8… Kinda makes you want to replace the u with another letter, doesn’t it? Hang on. You can fix this yourself — no sweat.

The Fix!

The picture shows the error message and the bad boy that’s causing it. Those aren’t zeros in the title, they’re a German character (ö). Simply double-click that item line, replace the German characters with zeros, and click OK. Voila! The message goes away and eBay can list your part.
Ebay Error


There are different types of character encoding, which help computers display text. UTF-8 (Unicode (or Universal Coded Character Set) Transformation Format ñ 8-bit) is the dominant character encoding for the web. It’s also required by eBay, and we like to keep eBay happy. In the example, the ö cannot be properly translated by utf-8, so it doesn’t know what to do, and throws a fit. These stray characters can pop up when you copy and paste from a list or import parts from a spreadsheet. It doesn’t happen often, and retyping fixes it. So don’t worry so much about the why, just the fix when it happens.

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