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Presage Analytics Is A Cutting Edge

Food, Beverage and Chemical Manufacturing Solution

At ISoft Data, we know it's important to keep up with an ever-changing regulatory environment. As an innovative solution, Presage Analytics does exactly that by simplifying data collection and quality control.

We place an emphasis on communication and efficiency as a company. Our process includes collaborating with you to create accurate and efficient digital data. The primary objective is to provide the tools necessary to collect data and information while remaining compliant with current standards and certifications.

Presage Analytics

Recipe & Batch Management

During product development, the formulation step is essential and it determines a product's success or failure. Our software allows you to quickly and easily develop and manage recipes.

  • Calculate Ingredient Amounts
  • Scale Batches
  • Track Ingredients Used
Presage Analytics

Regulatory Compliance

Safety and quality are heavily regulated. You not only need to follow current regulations but you also have to anticipate new ones. Presage Analytics supports you in overcoming any regulatory challenges related to restrictions and audit trails.

  • Simplifies Product Formulation
  • Enforces Safety of Product
  • Comply with Country-Specific Regulations
Presage Analytics

Work Order Management

Properly managing your supplier’s information is difficult due to the large amount of information and data which is often scattered or missing.

  • Digitize Information & Documents
  • Automate Workflows & Processes
  • Improve Collaboration With Suppliers

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