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Backed by over 20 years of experience in heavy trucks and online advertising, we aim to simplify and secure the process of buying or selling used commercial trucks with a large inventory of over 3500 trucks - including class 8, box, and dump trucks. With a user-friendly interface, Truckbay allows you to conveniently browse and search for the right truck from home, while also allowing direct contact with dealers. 
Truckbay - Buying Online

Buying Online

With a variety of search filters and detailed information on each vehicle, Truckbay allows you to easily find and compare the right commercial vehicle for your needs.

  • Simple Search UI
  • Thousands of Commercial Vehicles
  • Easy Navigation

Sell Your Trucks

With Truckbay, you have the option to list your commercial vehicle for sale online and reach a larger audience, making it easier to sell your vehicle.

  • Efficient Work Order System

  • Mobile production tools

  • Common Job Templates

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Connecting Buyers & Dealers

Truckbay provides a platform that connects buyers directly with dealers, offering a vast selection of various commercial vehicles for sale.

  • Quoting & Invoicing

  • Labor Parts & supplies Tracking

  • Customer Unit Management


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