Internship Program – Summer 2022 – Week 8

August 1, 2022

ISoft Data Systems summer internship program is coming closer to its end, however fun and immersive activities don’t end here. On Thursday, the group was invited by 1st Job Lincoln to attend a celebration event to recognize their accomplishment of obtaining an internship and succeeding in the role. Many of the other team members came to celebrate with the group and give them their support. While at the event, ISoft Data Systems was given an award as a Champion Employer! Interns shared their experiences of working as software developers and got an opportunity to learn what their peers stayed busy with during the summer. 

Internship Program – Summer 2022 – Week 8 - 1st Job Lincoln
ISoft at 1st Job Lincoln Celebration

In the middle of the week, interns got to have another experience with the Berryhill Auctioneers auction! Throughout the day the auction was displayed in the intern room. While working on various other projects, the group got to undergo the thrill of what goes into the auctioning process.  

Internship Program – Summer 2022 – Week 8
Auction Day

At the end of the week the intern group made a trip up to Greater Omaha Packing to see how Presage Analytics, food safety and quality assurance software, is used in a meat processing and packing industry. They got to suit up in hard hats, hair nets, and white coats to take a tour to see beef safely be turned into a product for consumption. They were impressed with the group efforts, precautionary procedures, and amount of steps that they witnessed at the plant.

Internship Program – Summer 2022 – Week 8 - Greater Omaha Packing
Presage Analytics at Greater Omaha

“It was interesting to see ISoft software being used in a real facility, and to see all of the steps and procedures that have to be done when processing an animal. There are lots of points in the process that have to be monitored, so something like Presage is very useful in keeping the process and products safe. It impressed me that there were many food safety precautions in place, like that they have to wash the knife after every cut when taking off the hide. My favorite part was seeing how the different jobs flow together in order to create something to sell to the public. Overall, it was a very enriching experience that I am grateful to have seen.”

– Ali Johnson
Internship Program – Summer 2022 – Week 8 - Greater Omaha Packing

 “I enjoyed the visit and found it very informative. Being able to look at all the parts of the process gave a perspective I didn’t know I would have. It comforted me to know how many steps the plant goes through to make sure everything is safe to buy and prepare. It was also interesting how everyone worked in tandem, working in near perfect time. “

– Izak Kriegbaum

“I was impressed by the quality and complexity of the automation used alongside the regular workers.”

– Ray Johnson

Keep reading to learn what the last two weeks of the program look like and maybe you will find that this program is a great match for someone you know. Explore and apply on our Internship Program page.